A dark entity lurks within a virtual environment, and he's trying to get out. A sorceress hell-bent on revenge inadvertently pits herself against him in her own quest for vengeance, and Morgan Asher finds himself caught in the middle of this epic struggle of bad versus evil in "Prisoner of Time."

The Virtual Saga Continues!

*Official Release Date: 9-27-2009.

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The future has fallen asleep. A majority of people spend their lives in computer-generated simulations, their bodies frozen and their minds downloaded into massive computer systems owned and operated by wealthy corporations. Morgan Asher is trying hard to forget about the pain and loss he suffered in one such simulation, but fate brings him back to the sword and sorcery world of Fantasan in search of a friend he long believed to be dead. Little does he know that a trap awaits him, set by the mad sorceress, Josie Johansen, a woman who blames him for the death of their mutual friend. Morgan soon finds himself in over his head, lured into a trap that threatens to make him a prisoner of time itself, yet when Satan-incarnate makes his presence known it shall certainly make for some strange bedfellows.

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High Praise for Prisoner of Time!

-A Review by Jeremy Twigg-

Prisoner of Time, the sequel to Virtual Wiles, sends Morgan Asher back into Fantasan for another life altering journey. But this time he is lured back by the most unsuspecting individual. Morgan returns to the virtual land to try and gain closure on the events of his last boot-in.

Simworld is back in business after repairing the computer virus that caused mental illness to many of its clients, and Fantasan is now working smoothly. Morgan has settled in on his ranch, but still three years later he is troubled by the events of his virtual departure. Most of all, he cannot let go of the memory of Rheena Liszt.

After some convincing, Morgan boots back into the virtual world to find answers, and his friend. Once back, he realizes how much his actions the first time altered Fantasan forever. Though it was never his intention, a legend in both worlds he became.

In the fantasy world he could never forget, a massive war is brewing and the ultimate evil lurks in the shadows, waiting for the time to step fourth. Once again, Morgan gets entangled in the midst of a conflict that will change his, and the lives of those around him eternally.

Martin T. Ingham did not rest on his success of Virtual Wiles. What he did was create a sequel that surpassed its forerunner in almost every way. The characters have so much depth as you feel you know them by the end of the story. The action is on a far larger scale, and the scenes are described so good that they become everlasting visions in your mind. The world of Fantasan is truly brought to life with every page turned.

If you havenít read Virtual Wiles, you should. Then you should continue the journey with Prisoner of Time. Sequels are supposed to be bigger and better. Prisoner of Time gets it right. A must read for fantasy & science fiction enthusiasts of all ages.

Bad Versus Evil? Revenge takes a back seat.

I began writing Prisoner of Time in the spring of 2007, shortly after the release of Virtual Wiles. The loose plot I started with focused on Josie Johansen, friend of Rheena Liszt, seeking to avenge her friend's death on the man she deemed responsible; Morgan Asher. However, as the first chapters began to take shape, I found that I needed a more in-depth story, something more vast and expansive than a simple quest for revenge. It was then that I turned to "The Church of the Holy Sword."

Shortly before starting Prisoner of Time, I had written a short story, originally intended as a promo for Virtual Wiles. It was set in that same world, though completely unique, with new characters and a fresh concept, of an evil cult seeking dominance over the virtual realm. It was written in the first person, from the perspective of "the traveler," a young Asian man who is "rescued" by the Holy Sword monks, only to learn of their dark intentions.

As I sought a secondary plot thread for Prisoner of Time, this short story called to me, and opened up a whole new series of events. I incorporated this hunk of story (rewritten in the 3rd person as Chapter 5), and suddenly discovered that my original villain wasn't so evil after all. Not when compared to the true nemesis behind the Holy Sword church.

Josie is bad, don't get me wrong. She's taken her share of knocks in the world, and it has made her jaded, but in her mind she is wholly justified, and I believe we can all relate to her in some way. Later in the story, she evolves into something of an "anti-hero," who seeks to stop the true evil that manifests itself in Fantasan.

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