The Curse of Selwood

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Nevada: Summer 1882
Peace is hard fought and short lived in the Wild West. Few know this better than the warlock sheriff James Doliber. Along with his unlikely deputies, the dwarf Boron Grimes and the elf Joella Grimes-Talus, he does what he can to keep the Nevada town of Selwood safe. But a long buried secret is about to come back to haunt Selwood, and with it comes death.

After a brutal massacre, Doliber and his allies have to face down this evil, but how can one face down the unknown? The origins of the creature stalking the desert are unknown, as is the master that directs it to kill. Forgotten truths masquerading as tall tales are their only clues, but will such legends be enough to save them from an unkillable beast?

The unrest in Selwood mirrors that which rages under the surface for its peacekeepers. Doliber struggles with a looming decision that will change his life forever, while Joella continues to hide within her sham marriage so Elvish Clan Law can't force her into a compromising situation. They'll have to conquer evil on all fronts if they wish to see another sunrise, because the curse of Selwood is back, and it demands blood!

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