Lucky Thirteen:

The numbered volumes of Martin T. Ingham's books.

For each of Martin’s published novels, there exist 13 signed and numbered copies. These are the first copies he signs, and it's a trend he intends to carry on throughout his writing career. You may someday get the chance to have one of his Lucky Thirteens!

The original owners of the 13:
Below is a list of the numbered books and their original owners. These books may now be in the hands of other readers and collectors, but these are the people who received the first 13 signed copies:

Virtual Wiles:
1: John & Diane Cashore
2: Kevin M. Finnegan
3: Howie Carr
4: S. Kenshin
5: Cody Stow
6: Darrell & Mavis Warren
7: Richard J. Skinner
8: Linda Murray
9: Rob Dodson
10: Mike & Rebecca Abel
11: Jeremy Arnott
12: Eric Morrell
13: Dr. Ed Harris

Prisoner of Time:
1: Bret Logan
4: Susan Johnson
5: Scott Taylor
6: Cody Stow
7: Kevin M. Finnegan
8: John Cashore
11: Mavis Warren
13: Richard J. Skinner

Check back later for future listings.

The Rogue Investigations:
1: Jeremy Twigg
2: Brenda Bryant
3: Amanda Gardner
4: Richard J. Skinner
5: Diane Cashore
6: Abby Price
7: Gert Wentzel
8: Jim Woods
9: Christine Qualey
10: Skip Colson
11: William Wood
12: Amy Cook
13: Phillip Hall

The Guns of Mars:
1: Amanda Gardner
2: Nanci Arvizu
3: Jonathan Cymberknopf
4: Wayne Dogan
5: Christine Qualey
6: Karen Reed
7: Sean Brezovsky
8: Phillip Hall
9: " "
Other numbers to be announced.

West of The Warlock:
1: Christopher Anglin
2: Laurel Browning
3: John Anglin
4: Edgar Guzman
5: Blair Dow
6: Terry Atkins
7: Mike Farris
8: Randy Andrews
9: Jana Waters
10: Paul Milligan
11: Richard J. Skinner
12: Gary Burns
13: Leah Shafer

The Curse of Selwood
1: Phillip Hall
2: Kevin M. Finnegan
3: Tony Laplume
More numbers to be announced.

Numbered copies forthcoming: Martin is currently working to have other novels published, including the much-anticipated sequel to The Curse of Selwood, entitled “The Man Who Shot Thomas Edison.” You may get the chance to buy one of the rare numbered copies of Martin’s next book.

How do you get a numbered copy? That is a question that will haunt collectors for years to come. In the past, it was only a select group of fans and friends who sat on Martin's short list to receive a numbered copy of his next published novel. While that remains true, some volumes are sold by the publisher(s) on a first come, first serve basis.

Martin says he will never number another copy of a novel after the 13th has been autographed, and he is a man of his word. Only 13 numbered copies will ever exist of any of his books. If you find a number over 13, it is a forgery!

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