The Rogue Investigations

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Zachary McCain & John Rage:
Two men with a single mission, to uncover the truth behind the paranormal at all cost. Whether it be aliens, ghosts, vampires, or magic; they will not rest until they discover the truth. For every logical explanation they uncover, another mystery presents itself, and with each investigation they find themselves wondering if it will be their last, for death lurks at every turn. Dare to explore the unknown with...

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Table of Contents:One Sentence Story Description
Prologue: A Reunion of ChanceAfter years apart, two childhood friends (Zachary McCain & John Rage) are reunited to investigate the paranormal.
1: Games Against The SoulMcCain and Rage hunt down a ghost from Zachary's past, a being of pure evil called "The Scythe Shade."
2: Matters of BloodBloody murders in New York City could reveal the truth behind real-life vampires.
3: The Mind CollectorA shady businessman with strange mental powers could be the downfall of the Rogue Investigators.
4: Lovely to See YouNew recruit Amanda Alfaro gets a tour of Zachary McCain's estate, even as an old resident comes calling.
5: Reality's CorridorA mysterious piece of technology may hold the key to time travel, or something far more bizarre.
6: Excavate the FutureAn alien spacecraft has been discovered in the Libyan Desert, and only the Rogue Investigators can unlock its secrets.
7: Old FriendsJohn Rage goes to help an old Army buddy, only to find himself deep in a case of paranormal intrigue.
8: SnowblindFollowing a car accident, Zachary finds himself in the company of a young woman with unnatural abilities.
9: .405A mysterious note beckons John Rage to visit Alaska, where shocking family secrets are revealed, and an old foe seeks vengeance.
10: The Gathering StormA government agent warns Zachary to watch his back, even as the vampires strike at Rage and Amanda!
11: The Dark DanceThe vampires reveal their true intentions, and the lives of the Rogue Investigators will be forever changed.
Preview: I'll Be There For YouThe Scythe Shade returns, and his shocking endgame is revealed!

15 Years and Change:
Genesis of the Rogue Investigators.

The Rogue Investigations is a "something" I have been working on for the entirety of my adult lifetime. Most of these stories have roots going all the way back to my childhood, and over half of them were written before I was 21. This may account for both the strengths and weaknesses of the stories involved. They are not as "mature" or in-depth as most of my current works, but they are very fun, and fast paced in nature. I guess you could call them literary candy.

I first invented the characters of Zachary "Spike" McCain and John Rage way back in 1992. They were originally far-fetched action heroes, but over time they have evolved into more down-to-earth characters who investigate unbelievable things.

The earliest story in this collection, "Games Against The Soul," was first plotted sometime around 1993-94. The original story involved Spike and Rage fighting the demonic entity known as "The Shade," and it was pretty much what we see happening in the second half of the current draft. The back-story involving Zachary's fiancée and the assistance of Detective Meaderson were not added until I began writing the actual short story in the summer of 1999.

With the exception of .405 and the prologue, all of the stories in this collection were plotted well before I came into adulthood. They show the promise of my imagination, and are a prime example of my early writing style. These fanciful tales take us all the way back to my point of no return, when I started on this inescapable pilgrimage to become a writer of speculative fiction.

This volume contains most of the short stories I have finished to date about the Rogue Investigators, but I have literally hundreds of stories plotted around these characters, as well as others about the people and creatures they will meet in their journeys, so this is not the end. This is only the end of the beginning.

If you enjoy these tales of paranormal intrigue, make sure that you share them with friends, and let other people know about the book's existence. The more popularity it gains, and the more copies that sell, the more encouragement I will have to complete the sequel. Without the support of readers like you, the tales will fade away, and nobody will know what happens next. Mainpage