West of The Warlock

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Nevada: 1882
Ron Grimes never wanted to be a law officer. This middle-aged dwarf came to the arid trading hub of Selwood to avenge his brother's murder, but ended up in the service of the county sheriff, who also happens to be a certified warlock. Tricked into Sheriff Doliber's service, Deputy Grimes finds himself pitted against one adversary after another, from pretentious elves to supernatural bandits, and a dark sorcerer whose abilities rival sanity. Throughout it all, Ron will learn what it means to protect and serve on the wild frontier, where guns and magic coexist and race relations take on a whole new meaning.

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Genesis of the Fantasy Western:

The inspiration for this novel was a little short story called "A Dwarf at High Noon," which I wrote in summer 2010 during a writing contest. I sat down one Saturday afternoon and threw the short together, taking a concept I'd had for years about merging Sword & Sorcery fantasy elements with the Wild West. The initial creation was a pretty traditional Western tale with just a few magical twists (and of course the dwarf). This formula turned out to be an original concept, and it got me high accolades in the contest. Judge comments such as "Freaking Brilliant," and "I’d love to read more of Boron Grimes’ adventures," let me know I'd struck a winning chord.

Moving forward, I polished the 3,000 word short story and submitted it to Hall Brothers Entertainment for their Villainy anthology. The rest, as they say, is history. Phillip and A.C. recognized the brilliance of this unique little tale, and shortly thereafter they asked if I'd be interested in writing a much larger story based on the same characters.

It was a real thrill to put the final touches on this work, and I'm sure this isn't the last we've seen from Ron Grimes and company. There are so many more stories waiting to be written in this magical universe, and who knows where we'll be going next.

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